Agriculture Information Service

Department of Agricultural Marketing (কৃষি বিপণন অধিদপ্তর) is a government department responsible for marketing agricultural products and techniques in Bangladesh and is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is under the Ministry of Agriculture.

Agriculture Information Service

Agriculture Information Service (Bengali: কৃষি তথ্য সার্ভিস) is a Bangladesh government agency under the Ministry of Agriculture responsible for proving information on modern agricultural methods to farmers in Bangladesh. Dr. Md. Nurul Islam is the Director of the agency


Department of Agricultural Marketing traces its origin to the Marketing department proposed in 1934 and founded in 1935 in East Bengal, British Raj. In 1943 it was placed under the Department of Agriculture and Industries. In 1954, the Government of East Pakistan organized it as the Directorate of Agricultural Marketing under the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation, and Relief. In 1960 the provincial restructuring committee created sub-divisional and district level offices of the department.

In 1982 an organizing committee led by Brigadier General Enamul Haque Khan advised the government to change it to the Department of Agricultural Marketing and increase its importance in the government. On 9 January 2006, the department launched the website as part of an effort by the government to introduce more e-governance.

Agriculture Information Service traces its origin to the Agriculture Information Agency which was founded in 1965. In 1985, the Government of Bangladesh re-organized the Agriculture Information Agency into the Agriculture Information Service. The agency publishes two journals, Krishikotha and Samprosharon Barta. It also produces Mati-O-Manush and Banglar Krishi programs on Bangladesh Television. The agency also produces programs for Bangladesh Betar and community radios. It operates a call center were farmers can call for information on agriculture